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Network Box utilizes upgraded Kaspersky AV Engine to block mobile malware

Network Box utilizes upgraded Kaspersky AV Engine to block mobile malware

Source: Network Box Hong Kong Ltd. Date: Monday, 4 April 2011
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Hong Kong, 1 April 2011 íV There has been a huge increase in the propagation of mobile-targeted malware. Just last month, there were up to 200,000 downloads of malicious apps from 'Android Market' alone. The malware in question was designed to do all manner of harm to users' devices, from sending text messages to prime-rate numbers, to stealing personal data, including passwords and credit card numbers.

Network Box utilizes a multi-engine strategy for anti-malware, including it's own award winning 'Z-Scan AV' engine, which specifically targets zero-day viruses. Kaspersky AV technology, has been at the heart of every Network Box UTM+ (Unified Threat Management Plus) system, for more than ten years now. Coupled with Network Box's multi-award winning PUSH technology, new threat signatures are delivered in an average of less than 45 seconds.

Mobile malware signatures are now automatically added to Kaspersky Anti-Virus malware databases. This means all Network Box UTM+ systems are automatically protected from mobile malware threats as well.

For example, if a mobile user tries to download a malicious application on a Wi-Fi network protected by a Network Box UTM+ system, they would get a message informing them about the threat, and the download would automatically be aborted.

"We will continue to closely monitor mobile malware, and take any necessary proactive, and reactive steps, to protect our customers," said Mark Webb-Johnson, CTO of Network Box Corporation.

"Kaspersky, as always, leads the world in anti-virus technology," said Michael Gazeley, Managing Director of Network Box Corporation. "Network Box is very proud to be in partnership with Kaspersky."

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